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Nicaragua - Currency - Córdoba / Centavos

Nicaragua is a Central American nation bordered by Honduras, Costra Rica. The pacific Ocean lies to the west and Carribean sea to the east. It has a population of 6 million and Spanish is their official language. Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua.

Spanish Empire attempted to conquer the region in the beginning of the 16th century but faced resistance from the indigenous people. Conquistadors were people at the service of Spanish Empire. These people travelled & explored several part of earth and brought them under the control of the Empire. In 1524, Francisco Hernández de Córdoba founded two major towns in the region. He is considered as as the 'Founder of Nicaragua' and made the region a Spanish Colony. He was later captured and beheaded by Pedro Arias Davila (A Spanish Colonial administrator) following a power struggle. 

Nicaragua achieved its independence from Spain in 1821. But had gone through severe political unrest, civil wars there after. 

USA government wanted to build a Canal - waterway through Nicaragua to connect the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. Later they abondonded those plans and built such canal in Panama. USA didn't wanted any other european country to help Nicaragua in building the canal, thus ensuring their dominance in the region. There was a rebellion against the President Zelaya in 1909 & in the process of suppression of rebels, 2 american citizens were killed. Taking this as an opportunity USA army invaded Nicaragua in 1909, supported the rebels and over threw the President Zelaya's government. US Marines left only in 1933 after a new liberal governmet was setup. Members of Somoza dynasty ruled for four decades until the Nicaraguan Revolution in 1970's. Nicaragua is now the poorest nation in Central america with a huge unemployment and majority of its population living in poverty. 

Interesting Facts:
  1. Nicaragua is the largest & safest country in Central America
  2. There are no numeric addresses in Nicaragua.
  3. It has 2 UNESCO heritage sites
    1. León Cathedral 
    2. Ruins of León Viejo ( The city which was abondoned during eruption of volcano Momotombo in 1578 )
  4. Lake Nicaragua is the largest freshwater lake in Central America, which houses world's only freshwater sharks
  5. Lake Nicaragua is also home to a dual volcano island. (Lake Island: An island in a lake)
  6. In City Leon, While giving directions, they use Upstairs and Downstairs instead of east and west. (reference to Sun rises[Upstairs] & descends[downstairs])
  7. There are 13 volcanos in Nicaragua
  8. Baseball is the most famous sport unlike football in other latin american nations.
Notable people from Nicaragua:
  1. Tony Meléndez was born without hands but was a famous guitarist. he even played for Pope John Paul II in 1987.
  2. Augusto César Sandino - a famous revolutionary leader against the US Military Occupation of Nicaragua.
  3. Rosendo Álvarez, boxer, former world chmpion, 
  4. Miguel D'Escoto, Roman Catholic priest, former foreign minister of Nicaragua, received the Lenin Peace Prize, in 1985.
  5. Clodomiro Picado Twight, a scientist who developed anti-venom serums. Also one of the precursors of the discovery of penicillin.
  6. Eve Torres , a WWE Wrestler. 

Córdoba is their currency & Each Córdoba is divided into 100 Centavos. 
Below image is of 5 Centavos

Francisco Hernández de Córdoba
A Spanish Conquistadors, in 1524 started Spanish settlements in the region. He founded 2 major cities Granada & León. He has soon built defences for the cities and attacked other conquistador's incursions. Pedro Arias Dávila, the then colonial administer of central american region, considered córdoba as a potential threat to his political future. Hence ordered the decapitation of córdoba in 1526. His tomb and remains were discovered in 2000 in the Ruins of León Viejo. The currency of Nicaragua is named the córdoba in his memory.

Coat of arms of Nicaragua [National Emblem] 
Triangle signifies Equality
Rainbow signifies peace
Phrygian Cap symbolizes liberty
5 volcano's represent union of 5 Central American nations
Words surrounding the emblem  Republica De Nicaragua - America Central (Republic of Nicaragua - Central America).

The national flower of Nicaragua is known as the Sacuanjoche (Plumeria rubra).

Banco Central de Nicaragua (Central Bank of Nicaragua)

Cinco Centavos de Cordoba [Five Centavos of Cordoba]
Signatures of Central Bank of Nicaragua officials
President, Vice President
Finance Minister.


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